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Precision Micromanipulator Kit for TLP/VF-TLP Wafer-Level Measurements PHD-3001A
Pulse force and pulse sense RF probing solution for TLP/VF-TLP/HMM on-wafer measurements
  • High peak current capability 80 A (100 ns)
  • DC - 7 GHz bandwidth
  • Isolated probe-head ground shield for high pulse sense common mode signal rejection
  • True coaxial high-resolution 80:1 rotary probe-head for accurate probe tip adjustment

  • Portable Wafer Probe Station PS-5026A
  • Portable manual wafer probe station
  • Electrically isolated chuck with vacuum interface and wafer backside potential connector
  • 80x trinocular stereo zoom microscope
  • Ultra long-life 20000 lx white LED ring light
  • High reliability
  • Low cost

  • CC-TLP

    The CC-TLP-50-A1 probearm is used for CC-TLP measurements
    in order to investigate the CDM performance
    of the device under test [1], [2], [3], [4], [5]. For
    that purpose the TLP pulse has to have a pulse width
    less than 1 ns and a rise time of about typical 100 ps.
    DUT voltage and current have to be measured using a
    vf-TLP setup.