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DOW3000 (Electronic measuring equipment in energy distribution networks)
DOW3000(Damped Oscillatory Generator) 
DOW3000 is a configurable test system that can be extended for Slow Wave, Fast Wave, Impulse voltage test or any combination of all three. This provides optimum and cost efficient capabilities to a wide spectrum of users. This unique system includes an integrated 32A three phase coupler which enables both Slow and Fast DOW signals to be directly injected into the EUT. Additionally, DOW3000 is the first tester with integrated 0.5J impulse, required together with the DOW, for product standard testing.

meets and exceeds the requirements of the basic standards:
 IEC 61000-4-18:Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) : Testing and measurement techniques.
 IEC 61000-4-10: Testing and Measurement Techniques : Damped Oscillatory Magnetic Field.

Additionally many product standards can also be met:
 IEC 60255-27 Measuring Relays and Protection Equipment
 IEC 62052-11 Electricity Metering Equipment (AC) General Conditions
 ANSI C37.90.1 IEEE Standard for Surge Withstand Capability for Relays and Relay System